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Ethical Dilemmas And Ethical Issues - 1382 Words

Some ethical dilemmas that we may have to face professionally come down to truth vs. loyalty. In this essay I will be discussing the ethical issues two characters faced, the ethical teachings and having to choose between your biological family and your professional family. I will be doing this by examining the decisions made if they were morally and ethically right or wrong. Applying the locus of control and the looking at the ethical dilemmas they faced. One of the methods we use in some of our daily decision making is utilitarian reasoning, to decide the morally or ethically right and wrong course of actions. â€Å"A situation in which the course of action the officer considered right was difficult.†-ethics book. Ray was put in various†¦show more content†¦This can be seen when Rays talks to Francis jr knowing about his team and Francis says back to him that it will all come back onto him, think about the conques. With this Ray was left debating the ethical dilemma between the truth and his family. If he tells the truth he will be airing out his family, if he puts the family first he is allowing them to conutuie what they have been doing it follows with wrong vs. wrong. â€Å"Use of force, police have the right to use force on reasonable grounds to a necessary point that does not cross excessive force† ethics book. Officers are given the powers to use force when they have the grounds to however there are cases where the powers are miss used like in the film in they abused the powers. Jimmy abused the powers he was given in such a way he could be charged, such as when he barges into a person’s house with another officer then proceeding to knock a woman down taking her baby. Putting the baby on the ironing board and threating to burn the baby’s face if the man does not tell him what he knows. This was due to a gang leader earlier coming to Jimmy’s house and threatening his family. It put him in a spot where he picked family over the law and others lives. Deadly force â€Å"nothing is more devising then a police shooting that appears unjustified† ethics book. There is no other profession where they are given the right to lawfully take a life, with police when the oath is taken we are swearing to use thisShow MoreRelatedEthical Issue And The Ethical Dilemma882 Words   |  4 Pages In this week’s assignment, we have been asked to identify an ethical issue presented in the Devise Products Unlimited (DPU) case study. First we will discuss the issue and the ethical dilemma it creates. Next we will look at possible recommendations for the DPU CEO to handle this issue. The Ethical Issue First, let’s start by looking at what the ethical issue that DPU is facing. The issue that I have chosen to focus on is issue two from the case study: DPU outsources some of the manufacturingRead MoreThe Issue Of Ethical Dilemmas1489 Words   |  6 PagesEthical dilemmas are presented to humanity often; dilemmas consist of controversial choices, peer pressure, strong opinions of society on both sides, and pull against personal values. However, the knowledge bank that a person has, or is willing to acquire will influence the resolution made. Paul is a young man that has had several accomplishments, including the starting position that he earned by working hard in the weight room and on the field. Although, members of the team have been trying a newRead MoreA Short Note On Ethical Issues And Dilemmas966 Words   |  4 PagesE. Ethical Issues and Dilemmas Unfortunately, SCD rarely affects the wealthy or the majority racial/ethnic group. SCD mostly affects people of African descent and most often they come from lower socioeconomic group. A study conducted on caregivers of children with SCD showed that 61% of the caregiver’s highest level of education was a high school diploma. As we are all aware, the U.S. has a history of racism. This could contribute to the amount of funding and support that research for SCD receivesRead MoreEthical Issues and Dilemmas Faced by Coca-Cola1461 Words   |  6 PagesThe Coca-Cola Company struggles with ethical crises Delineate the ethical issues and dilemmas the company faced The Coca-Cola Company has faced many ethical issues in the past. In the year 1999 in the month of June, about 30 children in Belgium became ill following the consumption of the companys products. The company recalled the product, however, the problem continued to escalate. All Coca-Cola products were recalled by the Belgian government and this was soon followed by the officials inRead MoreThe Spanking Issue: the Ethical Dilemma of Corporal Punishment1526 Words   |  7 PagesThe Spanking Issue: The Ethical Dilemma of Corporal Punishment This issue of corporal punishment is a current issue that many people have on their minds. The issue strikes an emotional chord for many whom were or were not punished by spanking during their own childhoods. The issue generally focuses on the effect that spanking or other discipline methods will have on children. I will specifically be exploring the question: is it ever appropriate to spank a child? The cases for and against the spankingRead MoreEthical Dilemmas for Nurses on End of Life Issues5633 Words   |  23 PagesETHICAL DILEMMAS FACING NURSES ON END-OF-LIFE ISSUES BASED ON CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS HELD IN ELDORET, KENYA Author: Kamau S. Macharia: BScN (Moi), MSc (studying) Nursing Leadership Health Care Systems Management (University of Colorado, Denver), Higher Dip. Critical Care Nursing (Nbi). Graduate Assistant, School of Nursing Biomedical Sciences, Kabianga University College (A Constituent College of Moi University), . P 0 Box 2030 20200 Kericho, Kenya Read MoreThe Dilemma And Ethical Issues That Nurses Often Encounter Involving Children1350 Words   |  6 PagesPediatrics, nurses are faced with many ethical challenges that reflect back to their own personal beliefs and values, in congruent with being able to provide the best quality care both ethically and legally for children without autonomy. When providing care for these patients who do not have autonomy, the nurse’s priority is to advocate and support the child and the families’ needs on a daily basis. The purpose of this ethical paper is to project the dilemma and ethical issues that nurses often encounter involvingRead MoreThe Movie Training Day Presents Various Scenarios Of Ethical Issues And Dilemmas1152 Words   |  5 Pagesvarious scenarios of ethical issues and dilemmas. Denzel Washington plays the role of crooked undercover narcotics detective Alonzo Harris, while Ethan Hawke plays new recruit officer Jake Hoyt, who is fighting to do the right thing. Detective Harris believes in street justice while Hoyt disapproves. He exposes officer Hoyt to many situations where he has to decide if he wants to be a part of the team or stand up for justice. Officer Hoyt will have to use his morals and ethical judgment to help himRead MoreEthics Case Study: Clinical Psychologist Essay1244 Words   |  5 Pagesclinical psychologist is faced to ethical dilemmas of teaching a class that he is not competent in teaching, as well as a conflict of interest with the department chair that understands his dilemma, but wants him to abandon his principles and compromise ethics. American Psychologist Association (APA) developed ethical principles and codes to assist psychologist when they are faced with ethical dilemmas. Utilitarianism and Kant’s Formalist Theory are two models of e thical reasoning the psychologist canRead MoreEthics Game Reflective Journal1042 Words   |  5 PagesJournal Ethical dilemmas surface daily in professional nursing practice. Whether you work in acute care, long-term care, hospice care, ambulatory care, managed care, or public health care chances are you will be responsible for making decisions in a situation of ethical concern. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the ethical issues presented in the Ethics Game simulation, the decision-making process used to determine the solution to the dilemma, and apply concepts from the Ethical Lenses

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